Estate Plan Master

Make the deceased estate planning process effortless!

You can plan the estates of your clients professionally. The system caters for both Afrikaans and English, making it adoptable to your clients’ preference.

Estate planning could take at least 18 hours by hand. This system (Estate Plan Master) can provide many different results within a few minutes each, saving you valuable time.

Some benefits of the system include:

Estate Plan Master provides a value added estate planning service to your client, you will be are able to generate additional funds by providing this service, fast and effectively.

The law requires FIAS compliance. The system generates options for your client to choose the best.

You are able to play around with different assets to different heirs to get a final solution that will be a best fit for your client.

Provides a comprehensive system which handles three different real life scenarios and shows both estates for the following scenarios:

o Husband dies first, followed by his wife.

o Wife dies first, followed by her husband.

o Both die simultaneously.

Your client will understand the impact and importance of planning for both estates a lot better.

Calculates the estate duty for all the above scenarios; you will be able to put forward the best options for your client.

The system caters for massing, accrual, usufruct, to get the best practical solution for a family.

A full capital gains tax analysis is done for all assets.

The liquidity, or cash position, of the estate is shown together with a facility to determine the value of an insurance policy to rectify any shortfall.

Any cash surplus may be awarded to residuary heirs as required.

Full reporting is available on various aspects of the Plan. These reports may also be exported to Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel for further user customising or in secure PDF format. A user template may even be made for clients who wish their reports to be in the exact format of their tandard Excel spreadsheet reports.- The program will assist you to create a better will and trust for your client. By knowing your clients estate, exploring what if questions, you are in a better position to help your client.

Training is provided on a continuous basis, this ensures staff is capable of working on the system.

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