Beat the Manual Process of Deceased Estate Administration by 75%!

Take Out the Hassle of Completing Tedious Documents Over and Over!

Some benefits for you include:

Relevant information and particulars need only be entered once and thereafter all information is automatically added to all letters and forms, saving you valuable time.

Should your L&D accounts not balance, Estate Master allows you to make easy corrections and reprint the corrected account in a minute!All stored records of estates are easy to re-activate when required, no hassle finding paper based documents.

When you find additional assets on an estate, you will be able to activate the next L&D account, without the hassle of calculating pro-rata duties and fees.

Estate Master eliminates the need for paper files, allowing instant access to all stored information at the click of a button. You have easy access to your clients’ estate.

Automatically calculates all Executors fees, Estate duty, Capital Gain Tax and Master's fee, thereby eliminating guess work and calculations errors.

Estate Master has an automated process for the completion of all forms, for example death notice, inventory, creditors notice, reporting of the estate and tax form, etc.Full diary system for recording of due dates; never miss an important date again. Entries are linked to a diary system, giving you traceability of your actions.

Handles complete process from death notice to first and final, second and final or third and final L&D accounts.

Full management system, documenting the whole process, when was what completed, how much time has been spent on the estate, how much time must still be spend on the estate.

The system is in Afrikaans and English.

All advertisements required by law are included in the system.

Links with the Estate Plan Master.

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