Customer Endorsments

What Our Customers Say About Us:

The Estate Plan Master is an integral part of my practise. Services rendered by Libralex are a pleasant experience. Gideon van der Linde

I worked on other estates programmes before and can draw a direct comparison with Estate Master. I find Estate Master a lot more user friendly and makes working a lot more manageable. The fact that upgrades are done via the Internet is a great plus for us. Rita Krause

β€œThe Estate Master 2000 software has been a great help in drafting Liquidation and Distribution accounts!” Nadine Lombard – Hannes Gouws and Partners Inc.

Very happy with after sales service and support for the EM Sheila Railson - Moss Cohen And Partners

I am very Happy with the Estate Master as it makes it so much easier to have everything on a data base and simplifies all documentation when dealing with an estate Leslie - VS Executors

Both the Estate Master and Estate Plan Master software is great as well as the support Flippie Becker P.A Becker

Support is excellent as well as the Estate Master package Mr Vawda – Moola and Vawda

Very very user friendly and i am extremely happy with the Estate Master software Cobus Steenkamp - TROTTER-HOUSTON

The Estate Master is a brilliant package, very user friendly and support is great Mary - DUVENHAGE BECKER & CLAASEN Ing

EPM works very well and i am very happy with the system Graeme Andrew Fraser (RANDMETRO FINANCIAL ADVISORY SERVICES CC )

A wonderful package which has saved me hours in preparation time Dianne McArthur

I just want to let you know that Estate Master has transformed my life completely. I have been doing estates for more than 10 years and it has never been so trouble-free and straightforward to do the winding up of estates, since Estate Master came into my life ! Thank you very much for making my life less stressful. Linda Henning